The Accounts4Life Concept



Don't upset your customers or friends

  • If you run a business where customers pay into your bank account, changing banks (for a better deal) means impacting them. With A4L, they won't even know who you're with or if you've changed. That means you have the freedom to choose AND still get paid.
  • No more changing 'pay anyone' details for friends

More negotiating power

  • The banks know that most people can't be bothered going through the pain of switching. As a result, they have the upper hand in any complaints or negotiations. If switching is not just a threat but a realistic, simple decision for you, then you gain the upper hand.
  • Banks (and most other businesses) reward the disloyalty of their competitors' customers but offer no incentives to their own loyal customers. Freedom to easily switch makes you desirable to the competition and eligible for the incentives and discounts on offer.

No more forms

  • Once you set up your direct debits for your account4life, you'll be done with forms from your billers
  • Of course you may wish to change phone or electricity companies (in fact, we recommend you review them) but you'll never have to do it when you change financial providers.

90% cheaper than BPay

  • If you're a business that uses BPay to receive payments, you're probably paying around 80-90c per transaction.
  • Accounts4Life gives you the same benefits of a unique number but costs around 90% less.
  • Start saving now!


  • Direct debits simplify your life so you don't have to remember to pay bills on time.
  • Unfortunately, they make it more difficult to change banks.
  • Accounts4Life lets you experience the benefits of automation without feeling tied down to a bank.
  • Spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time paying bills.

Billing peace of mind

  • Only nominated billers can draw on your account
  • You control frequency and maximum size of bills to avoid biller errors
  • Regular emails to summarise bill payments and revenue receipts

No more credit card annual fees

  • Most credit cards charge an annual fee of around $50 yet many will waive the fee in the first year for you to join.
  • Switch cards each year to take advantage of the offers (or use it as leverage with your current provider to match the offer.)
  • If you get a new card, repoint your recurring transactions in a couple of minutes and cancel the old card.
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